Wednesday, December 23, 2009

09 was good enough

Geez Louise,
I guess if there are no real problems to worry about I can always invent some.
Life sure is good for me despite what is happening with the rest of the world.
Out of debt and still raking in the dough.
Still missing some companionship but I guess I always will huh?
No biggie.
Been there, done that.
I'd advertise that I am available but then I'd have to deal with some people whom I'd probably not wish to speak with. You know, people who point out that I am not the be all end all.
I never claimed that I am anything more that myself.
Good enough for me.
I do have very little patience for everyone else.
If you cannot act or react as well as I then leave me alone and stay off the road.
I want.
I can live without.
life is good.
Do I stink?
The world is a funny place. This is a funky time to be alive.
Job is ok. I'm okay. Everyone I care about is alright. I get what I want. More than I need.
Just wish everyone else had life as good as me.
I see on tv how some of the people live, (MTV cribs revisited) and wonder what is up with the attraction of being so rich.
I have lived with so little I guess that the splendor of having a HUGE house (for one) with tons of toys is going a little to far.
Compared to some people I live in a huge house and have tons of toys so I guess you have to see things from somewhere.
Be wary. This computer stuff will bite us all in the butt.
Fun and games right now but the way some of my co-workers play with their phones and do all sorts of on line crap gives me concern.
Big brother does watch us all.
I will make up crap to worry about!
Let me say that life is darn good for me right now.
Tomorrow I may be dead and life may not be so good.
Love while you can.
I wish I had some balls enough to go tell a girl I like her.
One problem is I don't know how old she is and if she is way young I'd be an old perv.
She knows how old I am.
Way old.
Next year I'll be older.
Duh..... Me smart.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Who says I am not as stupid as I look?

Been a long while since I wanted to write anything. Now is as good a time as any. Things can't go any better. I do not have anything to complain about. Life is good!
Why should I even worry? Life seems to roll along pretty good without my two bits worth.
There is the rub. Why is life all of a sudden so good to me? Is the other shoe about to drop?
I'm not sorry about the way things are going, just a little concerned that things are going just a bit to smoothly.
I am not one of those persons who made it to this point in my life because of any plan since plans are for sissies and taking care of what comes next is the fun of all of 'it' anyway right?
I'm not bored. I have things to do. I am waiting for miss right to show up and share some of these things with me but I am not holding my breath. I have friends and family to play with. Work is a joy (breeze) and there have been challenges to occupy me but the fear is missing.
I watch and listen to everything that I can and yet all is well.
There is the rub. Nothing is on the radar. Sonar has no signal. All is very quiet.
Kind of like the quiet before the storm.
I'm ready and yet never ready.
Why is there this feeling of impending doom swirling down deep without making any waves?
I'm going to keep on keeping on for the time being.
Hopefully sounding less and less paranoid as time comes to us.
I can feel bliss every now and then.
I feel normal.
Almost to good.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Just when you thought...

Things are still going quite well for me. Almost too well if you were me looking at my life.
It has been a while since something hit the fan is all.
I won't complain. I won't second guess anything. I will enjoy everything.
Be well world.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dig it!

I am a permanent person at work now who has a future where there was none before!
I have purchased a fantastic car I have always wanted and so much more!
Times are coming to such that I cannot imagine this is my life I am speaking of.
I have spent tons of time on the car and have the inside ready to roll and much much more to do to the outside.
Forget about the mechanical stuff, that will be an never ending story.
What the heck!
When else will I have time to work on a 1968 Skylark?
Life is getting good!
Could be better you know.
Maybe tomorrow huh?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Oh My God!

2007 already and I'm still alive!
Things are going so well I am quite sure there is a plot somewhere that I am the subject of that will destroy me.
How can I be such a person and still get by as I have? With all that I call my own I can only hope the future is not so bleak as I see it portrayed on the tv since life itself has been a long struggle thus far to come to this point of disbelief.
Why am I the one to figure into anything?
The same reason I sound so incredulous about having any bliss.
Why not?
What makes me so special?
Tomorrow may answer all questions.
Thank you for today.
Best of luck to all.
Pray I don't have a bad day eh.

Friday, January 12, 2007

It's Been A Long Time

Sorry to keep all of you waiting for so long but forget about it, things have been happening that I could not control and who cares huh?
For one thing I got a decent job that I enjoy and things are going quite well.
The only thing wrong with me having the job is that I am 'temp' and now I am waiting to 'get' the job that I have been doing for a year and a quarter and then I will have the job as a 'permanent' type person instead of the temporary person I have been this long year and a quarter only if I qualify somehow that they never let me know what I should do to qualify.
Other than that I have started working on the bike and I finally bought the car and things are going along quite well. Plenty of work to do to keep me busy.
How droll. I am the person I am.
What ever happened to that other guy (me) who would actually do stuff for fun?
Got old?
I guess so. I'm tired. I am not able to drink as much as I used to and the day after is not as bad due to the lack of punishment.
Maybe I'm not as stupid.
I'm still as stupid as ever.
I Love something that is never going to happen.
There is no one out there that can ever be as (not perfect by any means) nice as I want.
There are no women out there who can be free and...
There you go.
There are some girls out there who don't want a man just for the money or security he can provide, just for the stuff he can give,but maybe they just want someone who can converse them without pissing them off. Not that pissing them off is bad. Sometimes people see things different. People do want intelligent conversation though. I do. I want some one who knows the past. Someone who remembers that the future is our own responsibility and if we screw this up we all die. We as in "the power of the people" "the government" "Them darned rich guys who don't give a hoot" "the people with power" "Not my boss but his boss's boss's boss's boss. The head honcho. We let them do the job and say we had nothing to do with everything will be a cop out. We will not have done anything!
The good thing about being a peon is that we can hunker down and not be a part of the game. We can live a life we create for ourselves and not fret about the conditions around the world. If we can. If it does not touch us.
My mind perhaps has a bit to much empathy.
My mind is goo.
If I had a mind I'd fix things.
If I had a mind I'd come up with a solution.
Remember when we all thought that things were fine?
Thats how everyone everywhere should feel..
If there is a earthquake somewhere we know that good people will respond with whatever help they can. If there is a drought somewhere, people will respond and help as much as they can knowing how risky their own life is on this fragile globe is.
Think any of that will happen?
It will. But not in the way you think.
We will all get along.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I could'a been a contender

Back in the day I used to be a pissed off paranoid freak who knew everything and told you what I knew and then we would argue why I was wrong until I told you I was just arguing for the heck of it and I thought the same way you did in the beginning.
In these recent days of being happy I have lost all control over myself and seem to find little time to bitch about anything. (Ain't that a bitch?)
What has happened?
The world has not gotten any better except for the amount of cash flowing into my pockets. There is still rampant strife everywhere else that I used to champion against.
Has my own welfare taken precedence?
Okay so I ain't no rich boy but then again I never wanted to become what I have seen all my life as wasted air being used by spoiled little people who will spend more in a day than I make in a year on something they think will do something for them and still not find what I have inside.
Not happiness.
Not contentment.
Certainly not bliss.
There is nothing greater in this world than being me. Even if we are not speaking about me.
Being yourself is way better than being what you think...
What you think is hip...
What you think you should be...
What you want to be...
And on and on...
My ego must be huge!
And yes! I do and did want to be someone else. In the end of the day I do like my piece of crap car that gets me to work everyday since I remember what it was like to have to walk everywhere. I do end up seeing myself sometimes with a smile on my face that doesn't make me cringe. I can't remember anything that I did that was so horrible that I ruin someone else's life. (I hope I don't remember any.)
I do respect others for their seemingly large brains.
When I do meet up with some of them though in settings more private it seems they specialized and don't know squat about other stuff like how to check their oil or what actually happens when you flush a toilet. Important stuff? Only if you drive and poop.
If you don't drive or have a toilet then I too am one of them folks who waste time with unnecessary knowledge.
Then again...
I am a moron.
What I know isn't worth spit.
What I can do and what I won't do don't mean nothing.
What I do say or seem to say never comes out the way I hear things in my brain.
The voice I hear on any recording of myself is not me, not even close.
What is happening?
I want to be abusive. I want to be an extrovert and make things uncomfortable for others yet I am respectful and quite.
Let loose the dogs of WAR!
I shall revel in your despair!
If I have too I guess I can be a pill.
Just now I'm having a good time.
I need something I can't buy yet I will get it if I am patient I think.
Someone wants me right?